What to do when your flight delayed at Istanbul Airport

15 Nov 2016

Here are the best ways to kill time when your flight delayed at Ataturk Airport.

Less than an hour

No need to stress. You have exactly 1 hour to drink a cup of coffee and watch it around. If you are Turkish Airlines Business class passenger, you can taste Turkish mezes at the super lux and award winning lounge without any charge. Free Wi-Fi is also available throughout the terminals.

1-2 hours

Massage will relieve you. Find Ambassador Spa & Massage in H-Floor. After relaxing, continue your adventure in the old bazaar and taste beautiful wrapped Turkish Delight and Baklava. Please do not miss your flight 🙂

3-5 hours

You have enough time to go IGA Lounge. Here you can taste some delicious snacks and relaxing drink. This venue is located on the upper floor of International Departure hall after passport control area.