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10 reasons all travelers still need a travel agent when travel to Turkey

Plan to visit Istanbul or Turkey ? You need a travel agent. Why ? Here are 10 reasons that help explain why that is, from a customer’s perspective.

1-Setting an Itinerary

A travel agency prepares and carries out the program for you, including all segments. It will be difficult for you to bring together segments such as airplanes, hotels and transfers.

2-Time savings

Time is of the essence ! Searching hotels, flights and transfers in booking engines will put you in trouble. A travel agency can offer you these in a very short time.


Travel agents have consultants, they are real person and you can speak to work things out. But, booking engines are not real person and can not understand your feelings.

4- Leverage

5- Knowledge

6-More for your money

We are sure you want to get the full service you will pay. A travel agency knows and offers you top restaurants, clubs and hotels in their located town. But booking engines are not.


Things happen. A travel specialist can offer insurance in various courses, from ensuring that the hotel is safe and the company running the trip won’t rob a voyager, to really exhorting on which protection arrangements are required, from tours cancelation to therapeutic crises.




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