Reduce your travel stress within Istanbul Ataturk Airport

25 Nov 2016

Thousands of people use Istanbul Ataturk Airport every day. Arrival and departure passengers flood into the terminal. In this article, we listed the suggestions that will help you leave the airport without stress. We hope that advices we listed will work for you.

1. If you want to park your car in Ataturk Airport, you should use the top floor of the multi-stored car park (red parking lot), which is across the International Terminal. This floor is usually vacant and you can easily reach arrival and departure terminals using the elevators. Payment points that you can find at any floor speed you up. You can benefit from the valet service which is in front of the International Terminal arrival floor. That’ll make everything quicker


2. If you are a tech-savvy, we suggest you to download the TAV mobile app for a quick airport experience. With this app, that allows you to move faster in the airport, you can find numerous services and activities quickly and also you will(can) accomplish(attain) the target without a time to spare.

3. If you’re coming to the Ataturk Airport via an International flight, you may have to wait on the line for some reasons such as security or customs. The only way to pass this step is to use fast-track service. An employee will welcome you at the gate, carry your bags and help you pass the security/customs procedures. Of course, you need to bring your visa. You can learn more about Ataturk Airport fast-track here and also you can find more information about e-visa here.

4. In the peak times of Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkish Airlines’ well-appointed and award-winning lounges will be a quiet and delicious stop for you. In these lounges, you can taste the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine, you can take a rest or you can take a shower. All of them are presented in comfort prioritize. You can benefit from lounge service for free if you are passenger of Turkish Airlines Business Class.

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